All Rounder 20 Piece Hard Body Lure Tackle Pack - RRP $173.50 - Brand New

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The twenty quality hard body lures in this collection suit a broad cross section of fishing styles and, more importantly, many of our favourite Australian fish species across fresh and salt water habitats just love eating them.

Whether targeting Trout, Yellowbelly, Bass and Cod in the fresh, or Flathead, Bream, Mulloway and Barra in the salt, there is a lure in this pack that will be effective on them. Included are many traditional and proven designs – Shallow and Deep Diving Minnows, Crankbaits and Flatfish, and a range of top water lures - Wakebaits, Jitterbugs, Bent Minnows, Swimbaits and Poppers.

They all feature environmentally friendly, high performance, tungsten ball bearings in their rattles, and perma-steel or black nickel coated trebles.

Diving Lures - Crankbaits & Minnows
  • Finesse ‘Tubby’ 55mm Diving Crankbait, suspending. Contains 2.
  • Finesse ‘Madbass’ Deep Diving 65mm Crankbait, floating. Contains 2.
  • BSTC MK06 Shallow Diving Minnow, 95mm, floating
  • BSTC MK09 ‘Bomber’ Medium Diving Minnow, 85mm, suspending
  • BSTC MK10 Shallow Diving Minnow, 115mm, floating
  • BSTC MK21 Medium Diving Minnow, 125mm, floating
  • BSTC MK23 Deep Diving Minnow, 120mm, floating
  • BSTC MK88 Deep Diving Minnow, 145mm, floating
Other Diving Lures - Flatfish and Swimbaits
  • BSTC MK50 Multi jointed 95mm Minnow Swimbait, Neutral buoyancy
  • BSTC MK42 ‘Stumpy’, 70mm Flatfish type, floating/diving Lure
Topwater Lures—Bent Minnow, Critters, Poppers and Crankbaits
  • BSTC MK22 Surface Blooper, 55mm, floating
  • BSTC MK38 Surface Popper, 65mm, floating
  • Toppu Mizzu ‘Wakebait’, 40mm,Topwater Lure, floating/diving.
  • BSTC MK13 ‘Grasshopper’, Popper type crankbait 35mm, floating
  • Toppu Mizzu ‘Jitterbug ‘Topwater Lure, 40mm, floating.
  • Toppu Mizzu ‘Sidewinder’ 95mm Bent Minnow,Topwater Lure, floating
Sinking Lures - Lipless Crankbaits
  • BSTC MK34 ‘Excaliber ‘Lipless Crankbait
  • BSTC MK54 ‘Big Vibe ‘75mm Lipless Crankbait

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