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We need your items not your cash!

Raise your items for Menslink competition – October to December 2020.

Let’s face it, 2020 has been tough for everyone. At Menslink the demand from young guys and their families has gone up over 60% but their ability to raise funds has halved as they can no longer run their events.

That's why ALLBIDS - as a long term supporter of Menslink and their great work - have stepped in with partners like Peter Munday from Lennock - to kick start a new campaign.

As supporters of Menslink, it can be hard for individuals or businesses to find money to give, but let’s help each other out without paying cash! We’re inviting donations of items or services to sell on ALLBIDS for this special auction. Equipment, stock or anything of value you can spare can be auctioned online at ALLBIDS, with all funds raised going straight to Menslink, immediately helping young men throughout Canberra get the mentor support they need.

With every item you donate, you’ll receive a tax deductible receipt and we will promote you and your business. It's simple - you donate items, we sell them, collect the money which we then donate on your behalf to Menslink. Menslink will the issue you a tax deductible receipt for the cash donation they receive.

We will keep a running leaderboard of the top donors and the donor with the highest auction outcome will win accommodation at Canberra’s spectacular, award-winning Jamala Lodge in the National Zoo and Aquarium – an unforgettable experience. The top prize is a Ushaka Lodge gift voucher for one night's accommodation for two to be redeemed in 2021.

To get started, click here to download the form and email the completed form to or call us on 02 6239 2262 and we will get your item listed for Menslink.

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