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Heart Support Australia

Support Local charity and support a local business.

This page is fundraising for a local charity, Heart Support Australia. Kevin Bhadra, the Managing Director of FIBER—a digital marketing agency in Canberra, has teamed up with a TV show Adventure All Stars, to raise $10,000 over ten months (starting March 2021) for Heart Support Australia.

Heart Support Australia is a not for profit organisation that focuses on providing care and peer support groups to those recovering from heart disease. Heart Support Australia has been dedicated to helping Australians achieve better health outcomes for over 28 years.

Through this ALLBIDS page, Kevin is encouraging people to purchase what is on offer and donate by listing their goods or services on this page where 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Heart Support Australia and Kevin’s $10K goal.

With every $5,000 raised, Heart Support Australia can afford one additional peer support group in another location within Australia - so spend big!