Teya Jay, Smokey Quartz Ring

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Teya Jay, Smokey Quartz Ring
  • sterling silver & smokey quartz
  • unsigned
  • 25 x 40 mm ring size P
  • Artist's Valuation $150 -$ 200
  • Teya graduated from the advance diploma in Jewellery and Object Design in 2015 and completed her Cert.III certificate in Jewellery and Manufacturing in 2017. Both qualification was at Design Centre Enmore. She is currently studying graphics design and works for Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney
  • Artist Statement for this ring - Prism of Light a Inspired by the book Way of the Peaceful Warrior a By Dan Millman. For me this book represents the eternal human quest for the meaning of life where transformation leads to enlightenment. Not by doing more but by doing less. By having the stone suspended it enables the light to reflect through creating the idea of illusion and disillusion of the light reflected. I also came to the realisation through the book that my outer world is a reflection of my inner world. The light also represents the joyful times and the shadows reflect the dark times in my life.
    The different stones represent my travels around the world. The journeys I have taken have inspired me visually, culturally and spiritually in so many ways.

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