Radka Passianova, Flower Drop Silver Earrings

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Radka Passianova, Flower Drop Silver Earrings
  • sterling silver and stainless steel
  • unsigned but stamped 925
  • 14 x 14 x 20 mm
  • Artist's Valuation $190-$250
  • BIO: The world is in a state of emergency, and we all need to do our best to save it! I am deeply concerned about the future of our planet and about our sharing it harmoniously. Its ecological issues, the discrimination, corruption, greed, violence, and the human ego are overwhelming, and many of us consider what we can do to improve the world we live in. How can we change it? How can we save it? By committing to my passion of making and by communicating with others through my work rather than focusing on accumulating money, I feel that I am playing my part in helping out. I am not a good writer, businesswoman, or speaker; however, I have so much to say, share, give, and sell! I dedicate my work to issues that concern me and the entire world. I put all my heart and passion into each individual piece. This is how I tell my story to whoever is willing to listen. Moreover, I donate 10% of my sales to the Girl Effect global movement, which focuses on providing education and improving the quality of life of adolescent women living in poverty and who have the unique potential and power to change the world.
  • http://www.radkapassianova.com.au/

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