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Friday, 27 March 2020 | Hariestu W

Interested to see how it works? watch the video below!


We've received a number of inquiries and will be commencing real estate auctions in April 2020. Our system is ready made to take on real estate auctions and comply with all legal conditions required by the Civil Law (Sale of Residential Property) Act 2003 in the ACT. Our functionality allows agents to replicate their normal auction procedures on a robust online platform. Further details contact Rob Evans or 0407 076 099


  • Canberra based
  • Established in 2003
  • 17 years’ experience in online auctions
  • Over 1 Million page views per month
  • 4th highest traffic if any website in Canberra with over 100,000 unique users per month (only AllHomes, Riot-Act and Canberra Times have more than 100,000 visitors)
  • 150,000+ member database Australia wide
  • Over 300 vendors sell on ALLBIDS every month
  • Annual turnover $15M +


  • 19 full time employees
  • Experienced and practising Real Estate Auctioneer Rob Evans has over 10 years auctioning real estate in Canberra for a number or residential and commercial agents (including large parcels of land on behalf of the ACT Government)
  • Over 17 years’ experience of technical experience in the online auction process
  • Dedicated IT staff with technical upgrades produced monthly


Real Estate Agents in Canberra to have a dedicated AUCTION PORTAL on the website to handle the auction of any property


  • Agent lists property and sets Auction date as per their normal procedure
  • Once the listings are live on the agents’ site or real estate portal it can be duplicated on the ALLBIDS platform with up to 20 photographs
  • The Details you list – we list, your brand and agent will be advertised significantly on the listing as per property portals
  • Registrations for the auction are taken by the agent as per normal procedures with agents verifying identification and suitability to bid
  • Enquires from the extensive ALLBIDS database go directly to the agents email or mobile phone (ALLBIDS will not deal directly with your buyers or sellers)
  • Agent submits registration details to ALLBIDS by email and within 1 minute ALLBIDS provide the registrant with their code to bid on that particular auction
  • Registration cut off will be 10 minutes before the scheduled soft close* of the auction
  • A Scheduled auction open for bidding is set for 15 minutes with soft close of auction*
  • *NB this is a soft close and if any bid is received within the last 2 minutes of auction closing, the auction extends for 2
  • minutes to allow under bidder to re-bid. If no bid is received in the 2 minute window the auction will close
  • RESERVES can be set and price will be subject to reserve, highest bidder first to negotiate if passed
  • Once RESERVE is met price changes to ON MARKET property no longer subject to reserve price, highest bidder will own the property
  • VENDOR BID capability – 1 bid as per normal Auction Conditions in the ACT may be placed by the vendor at any time – the bid will be transparently shown as VENDOR BID
  • At conclusion of the Auction the Agent has all details of bidders and can follow protocol like any other auction to negotiate or receive deposit from winning bidder


  • All online auctions backed by ALLBIDS platform which is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud (99.99% up time), highly scalable and reliable to allow for traffic surges
  • Canberra based IT team and experience of over 1,000 auctions weekly
  • Exposure to buyers and sellers already engaged on the ALLBIDS website – 150,000 members, 100,000 active unique users per month
  • Direct link to Agents email and mobile phone per each listing
  • ALLBIDS manages the heavy-lifting of the auction process in partnership
  • Huge flexibility and immediacy of auction process times


  • To work closely with you to ensure your brand is professionally portrayed and the auction process is handled as our own auctions
  • To continue to upgrade our functions and online presence
  • To align with you to maximise your auction outcomes