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How to get the best wine buy in time for the festive season

Friday, 01 December 2017 | Hariestu W

Stock up on your favourite varieties in time for your holiday festivities thanks to ALLBIDS.

There’s no question the festive season is quite possibly the busiest
time of the year. While the holiday period should ideally offer the
opportunity to relax, refresh and reset, it rarely does.

Whether you’re trying to juggle parties with friends, end of year
work functions or hosting the extended family at your place, most of us
have little to no spare time left in between organising the decorations,
 getting through the gift shopping and sorting out the catering.

With the holiday season creeping closer every day, most of us are
looking for a few shortcuts to help get everything sorted quickly and
easily so we can make the most of our well-deserved time off.

Well here’s a convenient and affordable solution to help you stock up
 on all the wine you’ll need to get right through the festive season,
without even having to leave the house – ALLBIDS, Canberra’s home-grown online auction site, conducts daily wine auctions where you can get your hands on a wide range of premium quality wines, at bargain basement prices.

An Australian Red Wine Mix available to purchase through Allbids

An Australian red wine mix that will be sold and delivered to the highest bidder. Source: ALLBIDS.

You can purchase half or full cases of white, red, sparkling and
mixed varieties at hard-to-beat prices, from a large range of well-known
 Australian brands like ‘Penfolds’, ‘Rosemount’, and ‘Hardy’, as well as
 some smaller boutique and local wine producers.

Their wine auctions start from only $1, with most cases selling at a
price that equates to somewhere between $5 and $10 a bottle – prices
well below what you would typically pay if you were to purchase them
from a retail store. Even more, you won’t have to do any of the heavy
lifting, with free delivery directly to your home, function, or event
included in the purchase price if it’s in Canberra.

They can even help if you have a function or event that is
approaching fast and you’ve left it to the last minute to organise your
wine order. With orders dispatched within 48 hours of purchase, your
wine shipment should arrive in as little as 3 to 4 days so you can rest
easy knowing everything’s going to be sorted in time.

While the ALLBIDS auction process is very straightforward and will
get you the best possible price, if you would prefer to place your order
 outright, many of their wine listings also offer a discounted ‘Buy now’
 option, so you can make your purchase in the same way you would from
any other retailer, while still saving time and money.

Whether you want to get ready for an upcoming event or function, make
 a bulk order to use for corporate or other gifts, or simply stock-up
the wine rack at home, ALLBIDS is all you need to tick it off your
ever-growing to-do list.

View their full range of wine sale auctions or register your details with ALLBIDS to get started.

This article was first published on The RIOT ACT Website by
Amelia Stephenson