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Dynamic Power Winch Recovery Kit 5PCS - Brand New with 12 Months Warranty

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Dynamic Power Winch Recovery Kit 5PCS - Brand New with 12 Months Warranty

This Dynamic Power 5 pieces heavy duty recovery kit is absolutely necessary if you are an off-road enthusiast! If you ever happen to get stuck in the mud while on a off-road adventure trip this 5 pieces recovery kit will come in handy and save your day!
The kit includes two 4.75 tons T bow shackles, one 9 metres long and 75mm wide snatch strap, one leather gloves and one carry bag. The T bow shackles are galvanised and power coat painted as well so it is very solid and will resist corrosion. The synthetic snatch strap has a high capacity of 12000Kg and the leather gloves will add extra protection for your hands so you can recover your vehicle safely. The carry bag is handy to keep your tools organised and this will ensure that you can find what you need when you need!
Come and grab one of these recovery kit and explore anywhere with no worry of getting stuck!
2x 4.75 Tons max load capacity T shackles give you great flexibility to use this with many vehiecles
Shackles made of high strength very solid steel
Powder coat painted in order to resist corrosion and rust
12000kg max capacity synthetic snatch strap
Heavy duty leather gloves to protect your hands
Handy carry bag in order to keep your tools organised
2x 4.75T Bow Shackles
1x 9m x 75mm 12T 100% Nylon Synthetic Snatch Strap
1x Pair of Leather Gloves
1x Premium Carry Bag
Brand : Dynamic Power
Shacke Material : High Strength Solid Steel
Shackle Max Capacity : 4.75 Tons
Shackle Colour : Powder Coated Black
Strap Max Capacity : 12,000Kg
Strap Size : 9m x 75mm
Strap Colour : Blue
Net Weight : 6.3kg
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